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I've only found this site today. And here I've been worried so much about the upper back pains I've been getting! They come and go,in spasms, but they seem to "run" up and down my back... like lightning flickers is the closest to describe them. Then at night and in the morning I feel just a really rotten general muscle ache. I get them between my shoulder blades and up into my neck, and yes, through to the front of my chest.
The doctors think I have gerd too, because of chest pain and shortness of breath, and I have a history of reflux. I thought I would recognize it as GERD when it comes back, but each time is a little bit different and a bit scarier. I have been having all the chest pain, back pain, shortness of breath etc happening for weeks and was down town when I felt very weird. Extreme tightness and short of breath, Like I was going to pass out. I took myself to the hospital and they ran the heart tests, but think it is GERD again.
Hi FG, Yes, I get nausea. Actually that's what started this whole last episode for me. 2 months ago, I was half way through a delicious home made smoothie, when the nausea hit. Instead of vomiting though, I had instant diarrhoea and then chest and leg pains and upper back pains, and I really thought it was my heart. The nausea passed, but not the other things. Ever since then I've been getting these weird symptoms as well as classic gerd. And for days on end I feel like I'm car sick... real motion sickness.
But then I get sinus and ear ache (probably from the reflux too) and that can make me nauseous.
I am still worried it is my heart. I've had reflux before but not had the SOB for days on end like this.
4 days ago when I was grocery shopping and it hit me, I wasn't so much nauseous, as i again had a case of instant runs. I was pushing a trolley too, but a full one, and as I was going through the checkout, I could hardly sign the credit card slip, because I couldn't get my breath, and my chest felt like I was suffocating. I got myself and the groceries into the car and took myself to the ER though?
I've got the shortness of breath now while I'm at the computer, and it feels like my whole chest and stomach and head is full of salt water!! Like I've been dumped under the surf, and swallowed a whole wave. I've been just eating brown rice and steamed vegies and avocado, and taking pepcid but no relief.
I get scared because the symptoms are those of angina too, and the dr's haven't ruled that out yet, but I have to wait a month to have the test. Ridiculous, but that's our shortage of doctors down under. SO what do I do meanwhile. The Dr said, come back if you get worried. Well, they may as well keep me there, because how do you not worry? He thinks it is probably reflux, but then says, it could be masking angina as well..
Love to hear back from you. Lily

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