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Thanks Harry. I'm glad you brought that up, because I wanted to ask about that. I have read that thread and actually started taking magnesium 2 days ago. I find that tablets have always aggravated my reflux, and once I remember taking 2 magnesium capsules and getting instant heartburn when I hadn't had it for months.
The one I'm trying now is a soluble calcium magnesium powder that is supposed to be one of the best you can buy down here. But it is fizzy. And it made me nauseated the first time, and then I took it again last night and I think it might have set the old heartburn going.
Normally it would be fine, but I'm in the throes of wretched reflux these days. I guess it might take a while to start having effect. I just thought I'd be better with an easily absorbed one like this, even if it does trigger a few burps?
What made me particularly interested in the magnesium thread is this. I only just found this website because I was looking up reflux, but I have also been suffering from weird muscle pains in my legs too... twitches and cramps and general achiness. I thought it was a separate issue, until I read about magnesium, and put the two together. I just never thought of my reflux as being a form of muscle spasm the same as my leg spasms till then.
So I would love to learn as much as I can about how successful others have found it.
Thank you for your care.
Regards Lily
Thanks Sammy for the reply. I only got your reply now because I've been away. Had to fly to another part of the state to see a heart specialist, as the Dr. wanted to rule that out. THankfully my heart all checked out just fine, so now I can concentrate on getting the reflux under control. I found that the drugs for reflux (tried 3 different types over the 3 months that I've had this) actually made the heartburn worse. The Doctor told me to keep taking it, but I ended up feeling like I'd breathed in pure ammonia by the gallon. This stopped when I stopped the drugs! It was because the drugs weren't working that the Dr. began to think it was heart problems.
ANyway, I found a website that recommends 1 teaspoon pure ginger juice first thing in the morning 3 hours before food (I actually take it through the night when I wake up about 3 am), for 3 weeks.
At first I was very sceptical but was desparate enough to try anything. Within 3 days, the acid feeling was improved, and within a week I was eating again, and I can honestly say that now, 4 weeks later, I am a new person.
I also feel a lot of my problem was caused by tension in and around my upper back. I'm working on that now too, to try to get to the root cause. I believe the ginger thing just helps with the symptoms. It's not a cure but it certainly gave me amazing relief.
Kind regards Lily

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