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[QUOTE=winterj;3158853]Great! Did you do the de-tox first, or pick and choose what foods to eliminate, or do you follow it fanatically?[/QUOTE]No i did no de-tox ,i just started the diet ,during this time i devoloped ibs which happens to alot of people with acid reflux.I then became dedicated to the diet removing even vitamins i was taking which had small amounts soy,rice flour,corn etc.I now have the ibs and lpr under control and been able to resume having a morning cup of coffee, eating tomato,citrus all of which really affected my lpr.I devoloped lpr one year ago, went to doctor with swollen lymph glands and many of the symptons described on this board doc thought i had throat cancer, i had been long time smoker, after x-rays c-scans and other tests proved negative he put on ppi,which helped but i devoleped side affects after two weeks. i began searching for alternatives such as digest rc ,orange peel extract, digestive enzymes, which my be enough for those with standard reflux. I came upon the scd diet on these boards and thought the diet diffcult to follow after some hesitation i decided to give it a try,it has been well worth it.Hope this helps,sorry for poor typing ,spelling etc. one finger typist[lol]. if you have other questions feel free to ask.

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