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I have just spent quite some time reading the posts on here and for the first time I feel I now know what is wrong with me. When I was about 18 I started having bloating, wind and belching with a great deal of pain (burning). I had some tests done and was told it was colic and to tell the truth the doctor gave me the impression that I was wasting his time (told me most of It was in my mind and was depression). Over the years things have got worse, when I was pregnant the throat burning was unbearable. Now I have burning in the throat, choking feeling, and sometimes wake up unable to breathe until I stand up or get someone to hit me and make me sick then I start to breathe again. Often feel like food gets stuck in my throat. As the doctor made me feel I was wasting his time I have never spoken to him about it since (im now 46) so I just treat myself with over counter treatments. I never eat after 6pm because if I do I can forget sleep altogether. I have also found eating tomatoes, biscuits, banana, apples, peanuts, oranges, milk, cheese and a few other things really make the problem worse. I am going to look up this scd diet, recon its worth a try. I think I will go back to the GP and see if I can get some better medication. Any other tips greatfully received. So glad I found this site, for all these years I thought I was the only one with these problems.
Thanks to you all.

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