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Mucous and saliva are indeed ways for the body to protect tissue. In this kind of case, it's probably just reacting to an irritant - the acid - or specifically, the damage that the acid has caused.

As for PND causing stomach problems - I would have to say, YES. If you've ever had some kind of major cold or flu, you've probably experienced lots of that gunk being swallowed much less simply flowing into your tummy. Too much of that makes me feel queasy; at the very least as if I have too much liquid in the gut. I think this is especially true if you have some kind of sinus infection - surely the infected stuff is not helping your tummy feel normal.

You're asking whether the chicken comes before the egg. We don't know generally - and it may be it can be either way. Personally, I have had PND for decades - it's my genetics (Dad is bad with that). But I NEVER had the horrors of constant silent "burping" until just the other year, which led to nausea in some cases and very often to a sore throat most of the time. In my case, I don't think PND caused GERD/LPR. I think sometimes the GERD makes my PND worse than it normally is.

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