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Hi everyone,
Im new to the forum. I was diagnosed with gerds about a year ago. My symptoms wre severe heartburn, reflux of acid when sleeping, lump in throat, pain in back around shoulder blades, tightening of throat, and spasms in my esophagus and throat. I was put on protonix once a day. After changing my diet, and taking the pills, my symptoms subsided, but never fully went away. About a month ago, after having a stressful week, I developed a new symptom. It was with my swallowing. It seemed as if my swallowing rerflex was impaired or almost gone, even when swallowing saliva. Needless tosay, this frightend the heck out of me and I went running to Dr. She sent me for a barium upper gi series, and results showed full reflux from lower esophageal sphincter to upper esophageal sphincter, hiatal hernia and gastritis. She put me on zoloft hoping that would help ease the spasms,and changed my med to nexium one time a day. She told me that the swallowing prob was probably cfaused by stress which in turn created more acid and irritated the soft tissues in my throat which causes the swallowing issues. The swallowing issues seemed to go away for awhile,but have returned again. Not as bad, but its there. Whenever it happens, I freak out and have a panic attack because I imagine all kinds of bad things. I have to remember that the gi test came back with lpr and gerds, and nothing "bad" going on as far as a tumor or anything...However, my anxiety likes to play tricks on me at times which only creates more acid. I am hoping that someone here can help me and let me know that I am not alone with these symptoms. I really need some reassurance from people that are going thru the same thing. Also, from all the research that I have done on LPR, it seems as if the standard treatment is 2 doses of ppi, and my dr has only given me one. Any suggestions or reassurance from any of you would be greatly appreciated right now! Thanx for reading.

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