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[QUOTE=Roscoe36;3177522]Hi all. I have posted in here, the heart forum and anxiety forum. For a while, I have had a multitude of symptoms that could be either heart of GERD related (left-sided chest pain, shortness of breath when lying down, coughing, indigestion, stomach bloating, constant burping and feeling like I need to burp, etc.) and all the heart tests (I have had many) have come up negative.

I recently had an endoscopy that showed a hiatal hernia and esophageal (sp?) inflammation (doc is doing a biopsy to see if it is Barrett's).

I am trying to accept the fact that this is a gastrointestinal problem, but the left arm, left shoulder (mostly in the back of the shoulder), left rib, and left lower back pain is referred pain from the hiatal hernia and not from a heart problem. The pain I feel is not brought on by exertion or exercise, but just arises from nowhere. It is not a sharp pain, but more of a dull ache that sometimes feels like a slight burning (not hot to the touch, but just like my muscles are burning).

My question is does anyone else feel this with GERD or think this is possible?

Thanks in advance,


I was wondering the same thing about this because I also have alot of those symptoms and pain in my left side but it is really low pain kind of on the side above my hip and I wasn't sure if this was normal or not.
I get the whole left side pain several times per week. When it first started, it was occasional and worrisome. I had all of the typical heart attack symptoms: pain/numbness in left arm, left chest, jaw; tight chest, etc. Went to the ER once at midnight and was not released until 10am the next day. Had all of the tests, nitroglycerin (sp?) patch - the works. I had a feeling going in that it was from reflux but it was particularly bad. They told me it was in fact the reflux and that it is very difficult to tell the difference between the two given that reflux and MCI effect the same nerves and therefore have similar symptoms. If you've had all of the heart tests and a chest x-ray, and they were negative, any doctor will tell you it is most likely reflux. I take Aciphex twice a day and still get those pains almost daily. I think they are worse when the hiatal (sp?) hernia is bad. The one thing that always seems to cure the reflux though is weight loss. I am average sized with no gut but I do have a few extra pounds in the mid-section. Whenever I lose a few pounds though, the reflux gets proportionally better...the more I lose...the better it gets. It's not a cure but sure helps.

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