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This may be a long shot for all of you. I was diagnosed with LPR about 4 years ago. I did the standard treatment for LPR, PPI's 2x a day, with little to no result. I tried Prevacid and Nexium. I also did all the other standard treatments of restricted diet, raising my bed a few inches etc. Nothing worked and I continued to suffer with what felt like a grapefruit stuck in my throat.

It turned out to be a thyroid problem, rather than LPR. Many of the symptoms you all are describing [I]MAY[/I] also be symptoms of hypothyroidism. Especially the foggy head, and anxiety/panic attacks.

If you haven't already, have your doctor check your thyroid hormone levels. A few simple blood tests can indicate if it could be your thyroid rather than LPR. Be sure to ask for blood tests that include an FT3, and FT4, rather than just a standard TSH test that most doctors use. Another source for information in the thyroid board right here on this web-site. When you access that board, do a search for "Lump in Throat" and you will find other healthboards members who have a similar problems but it is related to thyroid disorders rather than reflux.

I spent a year trying to get rid of my symptoms following the LPR treatment until I realized I had the wrong diagnosis. My LPR symptoms have been greatly reduced to almost normal now, with the proper thyroid medication. Your cases however could indeed be reflux, but I thought I would post with some "food for thought" to look elsewhere for answers if your LPR treatment is not working.

Good Luck to you!!

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