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Anyone know of a way to calm down a flare up of GERD?

I was so stupid the other day; I drank some lemonade, and now I'm in complete agony. I hardly ever have many symptoms, but I've been so sick the past few days, I can barely get out of bed. I'm on protonix 40 mg twice daily, but it doesn't seem to be calming it down.

I've never had heartburn this bad, or nausea, or such a sore throat. It's complete hell. I've learned my lesson; I just want it to go away!

Am I just going to have to wait until the acid levels go back to normal? Is there ANYTHING I can do to help the process along?

I don't think I'm allowed to take tums or anything along with the protonix, since I'm on the maximum dose. Any suggestions?
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi's because it will calm a nervous stomach, but GERD/LPR are not nervous stomachs, they are a product of over production of acid and or a relaxed sphincter muscle (not sure if I spelled it that right)..I work for an OBGYN and we recommend peppermint and ginger to our patients all of the time for nausea or morning sickness. Also warm Coke.. But with my stomach I wouldn't touch a Coke for all of the money in the world. And I have to tell you, a cold pepsi over crushed ice is my all time favorite drink! Actually, sucking on anything is not good for those of us with GERD, it gives us more of an opportunity to swallow air, in turn creating more gas and burping. God knows that I sure don't need to burp any more than I already do... Anyway, I hope that helped???? Also, Charla, I have not tried the new Gaviscon, I have seen it on the shelves..I believe it is a chewable tablet. I truly prefer the liquid. It has a totally haneous taste, but works for me. I do keep some of the cherry (LOL) chewables in my purse just in case I get in a jam.
Take Care!!!
i am on protonix, 2x a day also. I asked the pharmacist if it was okay to take zantac with the protonix, and he said absolutely, no problem. Sometimes i take one before bedtime. My dr recomended mylanta, and I do use that in the mornings when I get up sometimes it eases the nausea or acidy feeling. I also take it after meals. Now, if you do take mylanta, be careful to only take the recomended dose on the bottle , and no more...My pharmacist told me if you take a larger dose than recomended on the bottle, mylanta has a rebound affect, and will actually make your stomach produce more acid. So, if used along wiht the protonix, it is safe, but only the recomended dosage.
Hope this helps,

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