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One of my very first stymptoms wiht gerds was terrible pain between my shoulder blades. It has subsided some, but I still get it from time to time. From research I have done, and talking with drs, pain under left shoulder blade is stomach related, and pain under right shoulder blade is gall blader related. However, there are always acceptiolns to this. Also, there is a nerve that runs parellel to the esophagus, that can ssometimes get irritated from the acid, and can cause pain down the back also.
I also get esophageal spasms in my chest, back and throat. It feels like tightening and squeezing. They can be quite painful. I also get a pain sometimes that starts under my left shoulder blade then radiates around my back and under my left breast. It is a sharp pain. I dont know if it is gas, or a nerve...but it can be quite painful at times.
I do have gerds, lpr and hiatal hernia. I wonder if the sharp pain can be from the hiatal hernia?...
Arent all these symptoms fun??????

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