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I had all of that as a result of my basic GERD/Hiatal Hernia symptoms. All of a sudden I couldn't breathe well and my throat always felt like something was stuck. I'm like you in that I worry all the time and have to take 50mg of Zoloft a day or I have severe anxiety. I lost my appetite although I still had hunger pains. I didn't want to eat for fear my breathing would get worse and the food would get stuck.

The medicine does take awhile to work. Especially if it's the delayed release tablets. I am on Nexium and it will take 6 weeks for my recovery. I have gastritis, esophagitis, acid in my lungs and acid on my vocal chords. I have also been on Pamine Forte, Zegerid & Protonix. For that feeling of choking they put me on Karafate which is a liquid and that finally did the trick. It also soothes the burning sensation that sometimes arises. See if they will do that for you.

If you ever need to talk with someone you are always welcome to talk with me.

Good Luck!
Well I wont see my GI till next week. I do have hunger pains though, is that what you had also? Did the GI tell you that lack of appetite is normal for having this condition?

No I havent had any short of breath, but I do have extreme anxiety and constant worrying 24/7.
That is what the anxiety does. It makes you obsess, lose your appetite, feel like you are crawling out of your skin and just nervous 24/7. I was told that is quite normal. It's not healthy because you need to eat and you need to eat the right foods but it is normal when anxious. That's why a lot of anxious people lose so much weight.
[QUOTE=stimi3ak;3224073]That is what the anxiety does. It makes you obsess, lose your appetite, feel like you are crawling out of your skin and just nervous 24/7. I was told that is quite normal. It's not healthy because you need to eat and you need to eat the right foods but it is normal when anxious. That's why a lot of anxious people lose so much weight.[/QUOTE]

Yea thats the way I am. I am fairly thin and always have been, (5'11, 158 lbs.) but I need to start eating. I guess the small meals will do for now. I just feel so horrible right now.
I know Chalupa and I agree!!! It is the worst. Refresh my memory again....are you on anti-anxiety medication? I am and it has made a huge difference in how much I worry about not being able to breathe. I still have the breathing issues but I do not feel like I'm about ready to die. It is allowing my body to heal without my anxiety causing more acid/bile to attack my esophagus and go into my lungs and wind pipe.
Zoloft was the first anti anxiety medicaiton that I took. It worked for awhile but then it began to not have the same effect. When it was working I felt great and had no symptoms of anxiety what so ever. I was told that SSRI's have a length of time where they work well but then they eventually wear out their purpose. That timeframe is different for everyone.

I was not addicted at all and the only thing I dealt with upon quiting was dizziness and headaches. After 3 weeks I was fine.

Now they have me on Effexor and I love the stuff. It's only been a week but I could tell a difference by the 3rd day.
I was finally able to see my GI today. She told me that she doesnt think its anything serious, she did recommend a endoscopy, but only for the reason to give me a piece of mind. She asked I stay on Protonix. She also stated lack of appetite can be from the minor heartburn I had and also the anxiety and stress I have on myself. I feel a little better, although not sure how long it will take to get my "real" appetite back.
Anxiety has A LOT to do with that. When you are comfortable enough to know you will be okay and nothing is wrong a fog will lift. Then you will enjoy your tv shows again, eating your favorite foods & anything else that used to be of interest to you.

When I was on my medication and anxiety free I enjoyed all of this. It's when I came off of it and a million things happened which were stressful events this all came back again.

Good Luck!
Not at all. His name is Dr David Garcia and he works out of Stone Oak and Methodist Hospital. He is awesome and very patient. I have never had a doctor who goes above and beyond like he does. He understands that anxiety can make acid reflux worse and that acid reflux can make anxiety worse especially when you get shortness of breath. So he really goes that extra mile to ensure medications are working and that everyone is comfortable.

My breathing is better than last week but it is still not great. I am hoping that on the 8th week of treatment and following all his directions this magically disappears as I've been told it would.

Thanks for asking!
At the beginning of all this I went to my Cardiologist too and was told I have Mitral Valve Prolapse. Nothing too major and that it was not the cause of my sudden heart palp symptoms. My GI told me that anxiety is a major cause of GERD and vice versa. Anxiety and GERD will both cause heart palps. Having both of them I get heart palps daily. They have been known to send me into a panic attack. However.....since I have read those two books I mentioned to you I am much calmer and handling things a lot better.
Stress is a big indicator. I always have a poker face at work and rarely wear my emotions on my sleeve. However it gets bottled up and eventually it manifests itself in the form of anxiety. Yearly check ups are good. I do the same but none the less I know it's the GERD and anxiety which are the real problems.
Did something happen at work? Did something happen last night that stressed you out?

I had a bad day yesterday and today woke up feeling fine. However I just ate a Ceasar Salad and I am starting to regret it. I can feel my esophagus and chest area tightening up and it is getting harder to get air in.

You have to learn your triggers and avoid them. Until you have the scope you are going to think it is a lot worse than it really is. That is why you should get that scope done as soon as possible. How many days do you have left to take off from work? Have you spoken with your supervisor about your recent issues? I don't know how your job works but sometimes it helps to make them aware of anything. It also makes them more sympathetic.

Anxiety always makes things a lot worse than they really are. That is why I finally decided on the medication for it. As I said it is not for everyone but I couldn't form a sane thought when it came to my health. I always thought the worst and worried that something bad was going to happen to me. Any new feeling in my body makes me believe there is something worse. Today I have been able to feel my heart beating all day and I do not know why. It has almost made me panic which is how I know the Effexor is working. I am not obsessing like I normally would.

You need to eat something. Even if it is small the more you eat the better you will get about eating. As I said....I just polished off a whole Ceasar Salad. Yesterday I ate baked chicken, green beans and rice. 4 weeks ago I would only eat oatmeal and soup.
I was JUST like you at the beginning of all this. I was so stressed I wasn't eating, sleeping and doing anything but going to work and straight home. Then I began to fear my symptoms so much I didn't even go to work for a few days and spent two days (not consecutively) in the ER. Each time I was released and told about how bad GERD can get and that is what my problem was etc..... The anxiety makes it so much worse than it actually is. Your inability to enjoy food is in part the fear of what it will do to you. Eventually I became hungrier and hungrier which is what made me eat more. But for about 4 weeks I barely ate anything. We're talking 800 - 900 calories a day tops.
Well just to let you all know, I went to the ER this morning, I just couldnt take it anymore. I was feeling horrible all week with nausea, extreme anxiety, loss of appetite and GERD symptoms. Again, the doctor didnt seem very concerned and ordered some chest and stomach X-rays to check for hernias etc etc and also to assure me nothing serious is wrong. Everything came out negative, and he gave me some anti-nausea medicine. Boy, this medicine put me to sleep and I am still groggy!!! However, the nausea has in the mean time subsided for now and I hope it stays that way. I will have to follow up with GI soon.

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