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Hi everyone.

I have had Reflux /GERD for the past 7 years, causing voice/throat problems and breathing problems along with the stomach etc.
Took large doses of Ranitidine, Gaviscon and PPI's, plus scans etc. and diet.....
Nothing worked that well, just eased the problem a bit.

4 Weeks ago before I went on holiday I had a bad gastritis & oesophagitis.
So bad that I went to see the Doc.

After a long chat she decided to check my blood. ......Loads of tests.

On my return there was a prescription waiting for me.

My bloods showed an H. pylori infection.

Now I'm on a large dose of 2 antibiotics & PPI's.

One antibiotic gives me a foul taste in my mouth .... but I'm willing to try anything.

While on holiday I chatted with a lady who said she had the same problem for years, she even had a couple of scopes every year.
A blood test found she had H. pylori, she had the antibiotics etc, and now several years later she is still well, and with no reflux / GERD.

I'll let you know how I get on..............................

PS.. I did some research on H. pylori, I found it very interesting.
Well worth reading.

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