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Well Im not better but I have improved alot. My LPR started about last november and so I started taking prilosec. Ive been on it since then but I think I need something stronger like nexium but its too expensive for me. For me, it was ANXIETY/PANIC that was making me sooo sick. An antidepressant started it for me, it threw me into major panic attacks and severe anxiety so then came the reflux, i didnt know what was wrong for months and was convinced I was dying but slowly the anxiety and panic faded. I was able to calm down ALOT and accept that I had reflux and wasnt dying. Please get your anxiety under control, thats whats really gonna get ya. Youre NOT dying, please remember that. As for the meds, Ive only been on prilosec and Ive taken a little zantac before because I was out of prilosec, i didnt really notice a different with the zantac but I dont think I took it long enough. I dont get heartburn anymore unless Im panicking. What really bothers me is the post nasal drip and sinus problems. My throat is always swollen and red and I have difficulty swallowing. What you really need to do is get your anxiety/panic under control and eat right. I have no idea what to do about the sinus problems though, I take a decongestant but I dont think its doing anything.

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