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[QUOTE=Gar2007;3232816]What exactly were your symptoms? How long did they last? I have a endoscopy scheduled for next Friday, but I think I am rushing it since I have only been on the meds for 7 days. Everyone says its stress and Im making it worse and Im making myself sick. I would just hate to schedule a procedure and have nothing wrong with me. Did your doctor say anything about the side effects of Protonix?[/QUOTE]

Have had a lot of different syptoms. The most regular sypmtom was upper abdominal pain. The pain feels kinda like the pain you get when you've had the air knocked out of you. Located in the center just below the area where your sternum. I also have a lot of upper back pain between the shoulder blades. I've had very severe pain that went all the way thru from the front of the chest to my back. That has only happened a few times and only lasted for a few days thank God. Felt like I had a spear or an arrow running thru me.

Stress can be a big part of it I think. I sometimes go for a month or two feeling pretty decent and it always seems like some kind of drama with my son kicks it off. If you have teenagers then you probably know what I'm talking about. That whole situation is getting much better now.

Get the scope done. Hopefully you will realize exactly what your worried about. They find nothing and you feel silly for getting the test. Best Case in my opinion. You at least now have a base line so if something happens in the future you know how long it has been going on. If there is some damage then you catch it early before it become serious. \

Good Luck..........Red

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