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Help- I am back
Sep 28, 2007
:( About 6 mo back I was having severe ongoing sharp stabbing pains to the left of my left breast plate. I thought for sure it was my heart. I had a few tests done, and everything checked out. My doctor said he believed it was GERD or esph. spasms even though I did not have heart burn, maybe a little gas but that is it. So he put me on Aciphex. Low and behold it worked. So after my prescription was done, I did not continue to take it since I felt better. Now I am having little twinges of pain again. Here is my concern and questions/s: Could this be esp cancer or lead to it? I know if I go back my doc is going to want me to do have a endo--which, well I am PETRIFIED to be "knocked out" or put under to any degree. What should I do? I am getting very concerned.

Thank you all so much. I am only 32, am in great shape and have been having all sort of medical issues the past year. Its becoming very depressing.

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