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I have posted several times, but am just wondering if anyone else has all the same symptoms as I do. I am going crazy thinking it is something way more life threatening than reflux the stress is making me nuts.
My newest symptom is pain or maybe stiffness in my neck
One of the worst is at night when I start to fall asleep I feel as if someone puts a pillow over my face and I can't breathe.
I have this pain that goes through my left breast into my back, sometimes when I breathe but not always, sometimes just random.
Bloating and pressure in my upper stomach.
Dull achiness on either side of my breast bone.
Shortness of breath, again just at random times.
Pain that seems to jump around all in my chest.
Heart jumping.:confused:
It is all making me sooo crazy, and I was just put on a Z pak, due to a sinus infection and the last couple days have been miserable.
I am also achey today, not sure if it is still the infection or what?
Any comments would ease my mind. I have an appt. on Nov. 2 for endoscopy, but that dosen't give me any peace of mind today.
I have been to a cardiologist to have my heart checked because with all the pain in my chest that is where my fear lies, but dr said everything checks out.

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