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Sounds to me as if you have classic "painful" and/or "heart-skipping" form of GERD - you said you were fine with the PPIs, and now without them, you are doing it again.

Many of us note (even if the med sites don't seem to) that we seem to have more "heart skipping" and pounding under the iron fist of GERD than we did "normal". Also, many people have chest PAIN that they've gone to ER for to ensure it wasn't a heart attack or some kind of cardio problem. You sound like you're getting all of that.

The latter is frequently because of strain on the esophagus - pain or spasming, mistaken for heart problems.

The former seems to tie in with irritation of the vagus nerve, which goes down the esophagus. The vagus controls both your major digestive functions (the esophagus and stomach, e.g.) AND your heart pumping. If you irritate the vagus via "burned" irritated esophagus (I hope I'm saying this right), it not only might further upset the action of your esophagus, but your heart! You can get pounding out of nowhere (not related at all to activity) and heart skipping (palpitations). I have gone through this heart skipping, both a bit more just from GERD, and MAJOR once I tried Reglan meds to help my stomach move - unfortunately, the Reglan also increased my heart movement!

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