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I was exactly where you are at about 2 1/2 months ago. I have been on a few boards here trying to figure out what was wrong with me not to mention numerous doctors and the ER more times than I can count. You are not alone when it comes to stress, actually I ended up with major anxiety because of this, which I have never had in my life and that might actually be scarier than my symptoms. I am learning to cope with my anxiety now because I think I may have pinpointed my problem, only with slight help from doctors. I started off with bronchitis in July(which I have never had). I got better then 2 wks later I ended up with the flu and it was all downhill from there. I had this burning in my chest that started in below my ribs. The burning was so bad that I could barely eat, so I lost 12 lbs in one month, which wouldn't have been bad except I am 5'3" and only weigh 116. So this really scared me. I went to the ER with palpitations(unrelated to the burning), they told me anxiety, my GP said anxiety as well. I had a holter monitor cardio doctor said no big deal your healthy; just anxiety. I wanted to scream of course I have anxiety there is something wrong with me and not one professional can pinpoint it! See I have always been healthy, I exercise everyday and eat right and have never really been sick, I know when something is not right with my body. I have had numerous chest x-rays and EKG's, it is every time I end up in the ER. Nothing every shows up and they try to give me an anxiety pill and send me home. I am not a fan of pills so I opt out. Finally about a month into this my GP gave me a full blood work up turns out that I am anemic and my iron stores were at a 4. Thus the reason for the palps, dizziness, shortness of breath and a whole list of symptoms. Anemia doesn't seem to concern too many doctors for some reason so you may want to ask for a full blood work up just in case. But as for the burning in the chest, feeling sick to my stomach, not being able to eat, then when eating it made the burning go away, losing weight; basically all of your symptoms. This is due to the good old acid reflux which I believe is caused by PND from allergies and sinus issues in my case. I am now going to see an allergist at the end of this month, I think I developed an allergy to my cat. In the meantime I have been taking enzymes which I buy at the healthfood store which have seemed to help me. I take one with every meal, they are natural and are ok for you because actually you need enzymes to digest your food. I also have started on probiotics which you can find at your healthfood store as well. What I have learned in my 2 months of searching for answers is that if you take antibiotics, which I did twice, they can wipe your body of the things that it needs in order to stay healthy. The probiotics help you with this. You can search this site it is on many discussion boards. Please do not worry yourself, it does get better!
Hope you feel better soon! :)

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