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[QUOTE=chrisitine;3301954]I find when I have acid reflux burning anything dairy makes it worse.[/QUOTE]
Thanks for the reply. I keep reading that probiotics are excellent for GERD or acid reflux, along with apples. I have had GERD about 10 years and been on Nexium about 1 year and before that Prilosec. Have you found anything dietary at all that helps?
Hello. My only symptoms from GERD are the severe reflux burning in my chest and throat, no spasms or stomach pain. I used to wake up at night choking also from the reflux, but now that I use a slanted elevated pillow, major improvement now. My GERD started about 10 years ago, was on Prilosec 9 of the 10 years and now Nexium about a year. I'll try the ginger tea and licorice extract. I've heard the probiotics like yogurt are excellent. One day I want to get off the Nexium completely because I'm concerned about the long term use of PPIs is harmful. Thanks for the input.

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