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YES! These could absolutely be symptoms of gastroparesis....

I've got it and my symptoms were absolute loss of appetite (nothing sounded good, nothing tasted good and i could basically eat only 2-3 bites of anything at a time).... and extreme nausea.

Do you find you're MOST nauseous first thing in the morning? Thats one of the big symptoms of gastroparesis as things you ate the previous evening are STILL often in your tummy, fermenting which makes you feel ick.

I basically felt like i had morning sickness every morning, but wasnt pregnant!! Sometimes it even woke me in the night... and i always felt the worst a few hours after eating (what little things i could eat)....

Definately have a gastric emptying test, they're really not bad at all and it will surely give you some kind of answers :) Good luck!

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