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Re: Aloe vera juice
Nov 18, 2007
Hi tired. My worst symptom is sharp shooting chest pains on my left breast plate, it feels like a heart condition. Are you chest pains like this too?

This started 7 months ago for me, I went in for several heart tests, checked out okay. My doctor diagnosed me with GERD (though my only symptom then was the sharp chest pains), he put me on Aciphex and I felt SO much better after a wk. I finished my medication and went off it, because I thought I was "cured". Well, it came back 10 times worse about 3 wks ago. I am now back on Aciphex (going on almost 3 wks) and I am STILL having chest pains. I am worried it is something worse than GERD at this point and that there has been major damage to my esp. I am going to see a GI in 2 wks and am looking forward to getting answers, though not looking forward to an endoscopy. The pain I have is horrible!

I read that it may not be wise to take DGL and Aciphex, my doc could not provide me with an answer to this (since he is not a natural doc) so I went off it. Aciphex once worked for me and I hope it does again. I just got aloe today, I will keep you posted on how I do with it. So far I have taken two tablespoons, but did not notice any relief from my pain at all! Maybe it takes time?

What are your symptoms? How long have you been on Aciphex?

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