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LPR stands for LARYNGOPHARNGEAL REFLUX. PND stands for POST NASAL DRIP. I have the honor to have both forms of reflux. GERD, the common acid reflux and LPR, which effects your upper airways from reflux. Goes beyond the esphogus. Clearing of the throat, sniffling, feeling off too much saliva, sore throat, chronic cough, swallowing problems, feel like food goes up your nose, chest pains, choking, hoarsness, thick speech, goopy junk coming up from your throat after eating, SOB (short of breath), feel like you're going to have a heart attack, voice changes, something stuck in your throat, ear aches, to name a few of my symptoms. Sick at stomach, feel like you're going to faint, like you've got the flu or getting the flu. I rarely ever have heartburn. It's a very frustrating disease and also "chronic." Many people find the right meds or go long periods between bad spells. I'm sincerely happy for each and every one of them and hope you have good luck too. Keep me posted.


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