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To answer your questions,
If I take too big of a bite or don't chew something very well it can get stuck going thru where the wrap is, when that happens I have to either relax and let it pass or cough it up and start over, but if it does happen it is my fault for taking to big of a bite or not chewing very well, I haven't choked on anything, I can still breath fine when it happens, it is just very uncomfortable until it passes or I bring it back up, but as long as I take small bites, eat slowly and chew well I don't have a problem,my doc says that part will get better as I heal more but I will always have to take small bites and chew well.
I know what you mean about the chest pain, I went to the er many times with it and had all the heart tests done too, feels like a heart attack. My surgery was done LAP, I have 5 small incisions, they pulled my hiatial hernia down and stiched my diaphram tigher so it would stay down, then they take the upper portion of your stomach and wrap it around you loer esphogus to tighten it up so it the flap will stay closed and not allow acid back into your throat, if you do a search on nissen fundoplication you can finds loads of info on it. My doc was a general surgeon, he also does bariactic surgeries too, but it is my understanding that a general surgeon is the best to use for this, but you need to make sure you research the doc very well, you want one that is skilled in this kind of surgery.
Good luck to you both, anything else you would like to know just ask.

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