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[QUOTE=patdunn;3335081]I am on Nexium for my problem. I was told it is acid reflux, but I am questioning it. just want to know if anyone else has my problem. I get a tickle in my throat and I cough until I cough up a clear thick slime. I have never had heart burn in my life, nor do I have any pain. Nexium is not helping me at all, I also tried lo losec. I have had a cat scan, lungs are clear, I also had the camera down my throat, stomach seems clear. I am sick of having this slime in my throat, can anyone help me[/QUOTE]

I've been questioning my diagnosis since it has been handed down for some of the same reasons you are questioning.

I don't have any burning either. I used to have very bad heartburn in my mid-20s, but now that I'm past mid 30s, I no longer have the burn. It has been pressure-feeling. So I know beyond doubt what excessive acid is and the burning feeling, I've had none of that in my bout with GERD.

I too get the tickle in the throat, cough, hack, yuck, and out comes slimy clear nasty.

Have had the same tests, xrays, barium-swallow, endo-scope, etc, and they say "There's nothing wrong, you're all good". And I'm thinking the whole while, "Then what the heck is wrong with me!"

My biggest fear is that I'm being mis-diagnosed and when they finally do get around to figuring out what's going on, it'll be long past the stage they can do anything about it. It'll only be a year next month since my DX of GERD, but anymore I can't remember what it's like to feel "normal".


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