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Hi, :)

I have GERD & a hiatal hernia as far as I know. The doctor does not know about these symptoms yet. I last saw him 3 months ago. At that time I had just been diagnosed with both of the above. The only GI problem I had THEN (before the medication) was almost constant nausea. The PPI has helped with that somewhat. I still have the nausea but also short periods without it. The only problem is, my GERD symptoms - or whatever the heck it is - while non-existent before, are driving me insane now! I wonder if the PPI could be causing them. I am also on a bunch of other meds, but have been on those for a year without the GI symptoms I have now. Go figure.
I am seeing the doctor again in a week. I wonder what he will say. I will mention my symptoms to him. We'll take it from there. I hope he does not recommend taking the Nexium TWICE a day instead of just once. It's expensive enough as it is. I pay more than two dollars for each pill. Most of my other meds are expensive, too. But I have to take those. I now question my need for the Nexium and wonder if it could be making me so sick instead of helping. :(

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