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Hi everyone, just registered today -thankfully found this board. It's a good feeling knowing you are not alone. The doc's think you're crazy when you're trying to figure this whole GERD thing out, when your symtoms are so weird down to having the tingly, numb, shooting pain in your breasts to the areola area. It's very frightening the way your body reacts to this reflux/gerd, but it's very real!
I'm so sorry we all have to deal with this. I am a wreck, I went from being so well to having such strange symtoms all realting to gerd, my life has stopped in a way, constantly anxious, can't eat, been there too with the ER several times, test after test, now having trouble swallowing.--I too had a Mamo to check things out. I have to hear my own words when I say try to stay calm, take deep breaths and use a warm heating pad to help with the breast pain...One more thing -- I was working out a lot with weights, on top of getting diagnosed with gerd- I was told I had Costochondritis, which is very painful in the chest/breast area. Try to have a good day!

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