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[QUOTE=Aaronmac5;3347286]Hi I'm new to the board trying to seek some friendly advice!

I was diagnosed with GERD about 2 years ago even though i'm not sure anymore..
My symptoms used to be as follows, nausea in the morning(for a few hours) before even eating and rarely but sometimes acid reflux up my throat into my mouth. My more recent symptoms starting about a year ago after taking Nexium, prevacid.. ect are still nausea in the morning ( but randomly, only once a week or so) and constant burping throughout the day. Even in the morning when I wake up before I eat anything. I dont eat anything 2-3 hours prior to going to sleep.
I also get this burning/sharp pain in my upper right chest after running for 5 minutes+ . I have had an endoscopy done, chest x-ray and stress test and so far nothing :(

I am mainly concerned with the chest pain. Does anyone else get this?[/QUOTE]

So you've had all possible tests and they've ruled out heart related problems?

I've just entered into the realm of GERD myself here recently.

My symptoms started as chest pains (tightness) and I had heart palpitations also if/when I was working too hard.

I went to the ER and everything checked out normal for me. At that point - they were blaming Anxiety and Asthma. Amazingly enough - Taking Advair got rid of the chest tightness. However - I developed other symptoms after the chest pains went away (stopped taking Advair). I've been to pulmonary specialists, asthma meds, and now....seeing Gastroenterologist and I'm on asthma meds (Singulair) AND GERD meds (Protonix).

So....if indeed I'm experiencing GERD myself - then can experience chest pains. I think I read somewhere online that sometimes the acids can backup and get into your lungs.

Sounds like you need to make another appointment with your doctor. Are you currently taking any medications for GERD?

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