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[QUOTE=LELE31;3349905]Hi aleet7 --I'm new with gerd diagnosis --re: the previous question from Lourdes --have you had acid reflux for a while? Is it normal for food to get the "stuck felling"? Does your heart pound/race during and after eating?
Having your esophagus strected is an option? I ask all this because I'm in such pain and I'm having a hard time too eating - I'm down to oatmeal, applesauce and yogurt --losing a lot of weight to fast. I went yesterday to have a PH Bravo test done, so I have the capsule in me now -- have to wear it a few days, the feeling is like I have a hook in my espohagus -weird., but the food sticking is an awful feeling and scarry too.

I hope everyone has a better day.[/QUOTE]
I've had Gerds for a year now(since being diagnosed). It's not often that I get the feeling that food is stuck. It's usually during some really trying stressful time that it happens. My Gastro doc told me to try and manage stress so that he doesn't have to see me so often. I've had endoscopy twice to widen strictures(tightened spots in my esophagus) from the acid reflux. At those points food actually gets stuck. I went two days with a piece of a donut in my esophagus. I was very dehydrated and spent two days in the hospital on an IV.
This disorder can be scary but can be controlled to some extent with diet and PPI's (Proton Pump Inhibitors like Prilosec, Nexium......)
My heart doesn't race after or during eating although others may experience that.I do get a horrific burning straight down the middle of my chest and it goes to my throat and ears! Two days now I've been eating applesause, and lowfat yogurt to give my esophagus time to get better. I also hope that you feel better today.
I wish you well,
[QUOTE=Mamasan2007;3349463]I can't eat chicken it does not go down well, and I get that horrible pain in my chest on its way down, like its just stuck there! And I feel like freaking out:(
So no more chicken for me...[/QUOTE]

Same thing happens to me!
Chicken is the worst - I haven't talked to my doctor about it yet though...
Chicken does it and dense bread like pound cake. Just gets stuck there...sometimes i can squeeze it back up and out or I have to take a drink of something to push it down and when I do that it hurts so bad, like it's scraping something - just goes down very rough and hard - leaves my throat sore for a few minutes....

Should I be seeing a doctor about this?

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