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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Chalupa..when I was taking Aciphex I had the same problems with the "swollen" tongue feeling, I also was biting my tongue and cheek alot..I had to stop taking it and that part of my problem did go away!
Anyway you might check into that...I am off of most all PPIs because the side effects are not worth it for me...I do take Zantac, that does help some.
I am sorry that you feel this way, but I have to say that you are not alone...I feel just like you do..It makes me so sad and I to have small children.
I really just want my old self back, the one before all of this acid reflux junk came along. I also find that I have developed major health anxiety, it makes me crazy!!!
Take Care, try to relax and I hope you feel better!
Hi Chalupa,
I have had gerds for about a year and ahalf now. The first year was horrible...even after modifying my diet and taking 40 mg of protonix once a day....It seems as if gerds and anxiety go hand in hand, and for those of you who remember a few of my posts last summer, may remember how afraid I was when I had problems swallowing...After having upper gi was confirmed that I had lpr and gerds....very severe. I was put on nexium once a day for one month. Then protonix 40 mgs twice a day. I am still on protonix 40 mgs twice a day...and, I have to tell you, that this is probably the best I have felt in a very long time...Do I feel perfect?...No, not always...but my symptoms have decreased about 90%...It took about 2 months of upping the protonix before i really started notcing anything...But, now I can actually eat tomatoes again...and spaghetti and even pizza!...Sure, I cant eat all of these everyday...or Im asking for trouble...but I can enjoy them once or twice a week now...The one thing I notice that still aggrivates my system is, I still need to really limit that.
I still do not know if the inability to swallow was due to the reflux, or anxiety...but I have to tell you that it became a real psycololgical problem for me. I lost over 30 lbs since July...because I was afraid to eat. My dr seems to think it was a combination of stress and the reflux that gave me so much trouble....I dont know if this good fortune of mine of being able to eat much better will last...but, Im truly enjoying it for now!...Now, if I can only get releif from my peri menopausal symptoms!!, I think Im falling apart!...If its not one thing, its another!...and, I have terrible health that doesnt help matters at all. I was also put on zoloft because of bad esophageal spasms that I was having...again, I dont know if that was due to stress or the reflux or both!...but, its helping. I think since Ive been on zoloft since july, ive only had bad spasms about 3 times...
I wish you luck as you ride this rollercoaster that we call GERDS and LPR. Check into different medications, and different dosages...It has been a great differnece for me....Try and get a handle on the anxiety...and dont be afraid to take something for the anxiety....I still have health anxiety, and Im working on it...Keep the faith...

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