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[QUOTE=stina3246;3354242]Thanks Lele31. I feel a bit better. I'm gonna call my doctor tomorrow and ask her a few more questions.
Do you ever get that gurgling in your throat? It depends on the position I'm in but if I swallow a small amount like saliva or a small sip of water I get a sound like little bubbles of air coming up. Kinda like what I just swallowed got hung up for a second and then went down. Could that be reflux?[/QUOTE]

Don't be scared and try to relax...I've been going through some medical mysteries myself in the past 6 months. Only within the last month - have they diagnosed me with GERD. Been on GERD meds for a month (Protonix)and although my stomach feels worse (tightness, heartburn) - I've experienced a boat load of other improvements. My sinuses are drying up, I don't clear my throat as much anymore, My left ear is popping open (had surgery on it 2 years ago), and I think my teeth sensitivity is also fading away. I'm trying to be patient and following doctors orders until I'm totally done with the Protonix (twice daily for 2 months, once daily for 2 months, then stop taking it).

I don't want to bore you with my own details...just believe me that I've got that same lump in my throat and I think it's slowly fading away (cross fingers). Either that - or that I'm paying more attention to the foods (and amount) I eat here recently.

Funny you mention that 'gurgling sound' - I don't even have to eat or drink anything and my throat (or whatever) will gurgle funny briefly out of the blue for no apparent reason. My husband will hear it and he always gives me funny looks - "What the hell was that?" I just say, "I dunno"??? I've never mentioned this to my doctor - as it doesn't happen enough for me to think about it.

And yes...the food seems to take a while to go down. I had an Endoscopy last week and all they did was enlarge my esophogus from 10mm to 15mm. They scraped for allergies and it all came back negative for allergies. They didn't find anything else wrong. The Endoscopy helped get the food down, but the lump in my throat is still there. Like I said, I think it's fading away.

Are you seeing a Gatroenterologist? Or your regular family doctor?

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