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[QUOTE=stina3246;3354038]I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to do this but this is kind of a cross post since the 2 most likely things for me were Acid reflux and thyroid dissorder. So here it goes.

I know that in the initial exam they can't tell much but I'm still very stressed out.
I have been complaining about the feeling of a lump in my throat and tightness for about 3 weeks that comes and goes. If I ignor it it stops bothering me (No trouble eating, drinking or breathing...actually eating helped.) It showed up after an infection in my tooth. I have ALL the symptoms of GERD. I also have a large thyroid nodule in my neck in about the same spot that has been there for 15 years but never really causes issues. (It's been tested over and over with the same results.....large benign nodule) The nodule IS growing or at least has grown a tiny bit over the years.
Well, the feeling of a lump just dissapeared over night and has been gone for 2 days.
The doctor after a physical exam told me she believes it is a combo of my thyroid being enlarged and acid reflux with post nasal drip. She gave me Prevacid and Dytan and ordered a sonogram (or ultrasound....I don't know the difference) on my nodule.
Today after I left my throat became very sore and scratchy with the feeling of the lump coming back a little bit but a little lower then before. She didn't DO anything to it, just look inside. Right now I feel fine, the lump and soreness are gone....I feel a little like I'm coming down with a cold maybe.
Here are my questions and concerns
1.she did not order an endoscopy like I expected she would. Should I call her back and ask for one?
2.Does her assesment sound right? or at least the most likely cause.
3. If I had something REALLY scary (Throat cancer)would the symptoms come and go?
4. If my nodule has grown can it cause sypmtoms like mine? (more of a question for the thyroid board)
I REALLY need some answers....I'm very scared.[/QUOTE]

I'm glad you made it to the Dr. today --I know it's been a long week of anticipation for you.

You are not going crazy --the lump in the throat feeling is very consistant with acid reflux, that feeling like your on the verge of getting sick with a sore throat/cold is also consistant --I can't believe the sysmtoms when I read it on this board of people having ear pain as well. I know my Dr. just doesn't get it. I can't believe you mentioned a tooth infection as well, because I've been having a tooth problem throught my whole ordeal with being diagnosed with gerd and It was in the back of my mind that maybe my tooth was the culprit of all my worries.

I have been on the acid reflux roller coaster for 6 months and I'm just assuming that your DR. is starting at the obvious - your thyroid. Definitly take the prevacid (whats dylan)? Don't do what I did --I did not take the meds for reflux, because a pulmonologist told me I had asthma, from there I went to an ENT who told me I need sinus surgery (it's all conected I think) and I'm really suffering now, too much time went by without me sticking to a reflux med and I have severe GERD and am having trouble swallowing now.

I would get myself in such a bad way, because I did not trust my Dr. judgement, unfortunatly you are going to have to be patient (I can't even begin to explain how unpatient I've become) and you definitly have to stay calm - I think stress amplifies this 10 fold. I mentioned I had the PH BRAVO test done last week, I still have the capsule in me, but the DR. who did it saw how nervous I was and he simply told me that I will never get better if I was to keep so much fear and anxiety in me - It will just counter act everything and prolong me getting well -- for the 1st. time in 6 months I'm trying to not be scared - I'm an x-smoker and thought I have cancer!

Timing here with the holidays will set you back - but try to get the sonogram done as soon as you can and then I would definitly keep a diary of what you eat and how you feel, etc. so you can keep a handle on what's going on if you have reflux -- and a Dr. might take that more seriously . These symtoms of all your going through are weird, I know, but try to stay calm and not think the worst --I know easier said then done!

Try to have a good night and I learned from this board to raise your body up while sleeping (with a wedge, I put big pillows under my mattress) The dr. never told me that - and that helped a lot.

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