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Hi again! Day # 4 with no PPI and it has been difficult. I was up almost all evening with breathing problems that continued into today. The chest tightness moved from my throat to down around my stomach front and back making me feel like I was being SQUEEZED to death and severe difficulty breathing. Also my nose is congested today, I feel at times like someone has their hand over my nose and mouth :( :( - called my Dr. and asked for an antibiotic because I just got done nursing my boys through some nasty colds (bad coughs and stuffy noses) - so I was worried that I might me catching that on top of the PPI withdrawl. I feel very 'congested' and 'tight' today - different than yesterday. I just want to feel better - and I want to be able to tell what the PPI was doing to me....

One thing I know for sure - since I stopped taking the PPI no more severe tightness in my stomach after eating, still a little in my upper chest after eating but not as bad as when taking the Prilosec and less dizzy - so that is something.

Anyone else have withdrawl going off a PPI??? - thank you!!!

This is such an ordeal - I feel so discouraged :( I need the stron PPI to block the horrid gastro side effects from my HBP med until they can find a new one that works for me - but the side effects form the PPI are just as bad in a different way.

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