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Just wondering if anyone else feels the acid sooooo bad around that time of the month????
Even if I watch what I eat I get the heartburn so bad when I wear tight pants (which is due to the bloating) and when I bend up and down.....
Could it be the hormones in my system???
Just wondering if anyone else goes through this....My Pariet 20 mg does not seem to help at all these 2 weeks during all of this.... Even taking extra Zantac doesn't seem to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ontario, Canada
O wow I thought I was the only one going thru this during my Menstral Cycle. I suffer from GERD however during my menstral cycle I notice I tend to get those spasms in my Esophagus as if I was having Heart Palpitations.

I wish they are researching on GERD and its relations with Heart Palpitations (Spasms) and Menstraul Cycle in females.
Thought I would chime in, since I am on my cycle at the time & the whole reflux thing is way out of control since the day I started I most definantly believe its all worse during this time. My friend swears she only gets it around that time. Perhaps it does have something to do with more acid production & hormones, or even the water retention thing alittle more pressure going on in there. Good question for a doctor. As for the lady whose husband thinks it's all in her head I am sure you are not alone there, very often I have wished just one month my husband could go through this, he does indeed know the mood thing is real after living with three females, he at times will ask if it is that time of the month for one of us. I have given up warning him (ha). Everything is worse for me during that time. At this rate I am not so worried about menapause. Sammy

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