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Hi, I've had esophageal spasms, the Dr's want to call acid reflux, for about 12 years. Each episode lasts about 12 mins - 20 min. Pain can radiate down left arm, into jaw. All cardiac tests are negative and EKG's are also negative. GB is fine. Upper and lower GI series good. Occurs months apart. Seemingly unrelated to food, present activity or stressful occurrances. (Last time was during redeye flight home from vacation IN THE PLANE. Scared the heck out of the crew. My husband had to reassure them) Only if I increase calcium intake (inadvertantly or with vitamins) can I predict an episode within a day or 2. Even my blood pressure med is decided around calcium uptake. The pain is excruciating. Comes in waves as in peristalsis. 911'd myself to the ER the first 3 times and then became "wise" to them. Positioning and relaxation does little. Lamaze labor breathing can help me get through them but doesn't decrease the pain. Nitro does nothing to decrease intensity or duration of pain and only increases anxiety during and can leave me with a blooming headache.. Leaves my chest achey for a few hours. AND I HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH REFLUX ! Go figure! Now, i'm experiencing crackling in my left ear and have a floater in my left eye. I think I don't like my left side.;)

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