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I experience that TOO - you are NOT ALONE...

As my GERD/Reflux problems got worse - and as my breathing has deteriorated my panic and anxiety have gone through the roof. I barely leave my house ANYMORE - just go to work and come right back home.

It is an awful way to live... When it gets really bad I take a Xanax which will calm me a bit - does not help with the difficulty breathing but does help with the PANIC.

Maybe you could get some to help you through the difficult times. Best of luck to you.
[FONT="Century Gothic"]Anxiety and Panic attacks seem to be a big part of this nasty thing..
Sometimes I don't know which one comes first, the panic or the GERD!
It is just debilitating for us and I still don't know exactly what to do, I just try really hard to keep things in perspective.

I hope today is a better day!
Take Care of YOU!!
I also think anxiety is a huge part of GERD/LPR. I think that's the way it may start but then there's those other days, I'm just sitting there not really anxious or nervous when all of a sudden, I can't catch a good breath and begin coughing spell so bad I gag. I always cough after eating a meal. Always, no matter what. Everyone refluxes after eating. That is normal but why some of us can't control it is a mechanical problem with our LES or UES. What they really don't know is "WHY" some of us have problems and others don't. They can give you a list of known foods that have shown to cause this BUT not in every single person. I feel diet is much more important in controlling LPR symtoms but that doesn't mean you can eliminate what they list and be well. I know you can't take meds alone without making changes to your diet for LPR. Problem is that diet changes MAY work sometimes and then not the next so it's like why try to change at all? So frustrating!

Thursday I went to my regular doctor for severe heartburn. I also mentioned that I have these sharp piercing pains in my heart (that only last for a few seconds) the sharp pains sometimes also occur in my wrists, arms, legs, neck or head (they only last for a few seconds though).
The doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux disease. Which I thought was odd, since I never have anything "come up" in my throat or esophagus, just heartburn only.

Well, 2 days later after that appointment (On Saturday) I ended up in the ER with what I thought was a heart attack, heart palpitations, rapid heart beat, I could feel my pulse in my entire body, and tons of fear...
Turns out I was having a panic/anxiety attack.

I am not sure if they are related other then I have been under an extreme amount of stress since my father left my mother for another woman 3 years ago, and since my mother lost her mind and now has histrionic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder as well, so I have had to have NO Contact with my mother from now til the end of her life, because the stress that she causes me is just too enormous to deal with.

I had thought that the heartburn was due to eating late at night and drinking beer nightly, but a few weeks ago I cut out all eating late, and all alcohol and it's still here, so I am assuming that the acid reflux disease and panic attacks must be all related to stress. I am hoping to start walking daily, drinking more water, meditating, not watching so much news on TV, and reading good books to keep my mind off of stress.
I will let you know if it helps.


[QUOTE=rdawg6198;3401679]Ever since all of this started for me, I have had frequent bouts with breathing issues and rapid heartbeat. Sometimes I attribute this to reflux (lp), so when liquid shoots up my throat, I can't breathe. But other times, when it feels like I can't catch my breath, I think it might be a panic attack from my multiple food impactions and all of the things that have happened over the past few months. I noticed this when I went in to have a tooth worked on yesterday and they shot me full of novocaine. I have never reacted to it before, but my heart started flying, I got very anxious and worried that my mouth was swelling up and I wouldn't be able to breathe. I have a deviated septum and post-nasal drip from reflux, so nasal breathing doesn't work well for me. It was pretty bad for about 2-3 hours, but after that, it went away. I had another episode today, but it was much milder.

I have had these "attacks" off and on since all of this started. I assumed it was from the reflux, but now I think it might at least partially be a panic attack. Has anyone else experienced this?[/QUOTE]
I was prescribed xanax on Saturday and so far, I am doing much better with the reflux, the stress and the anxiety. .Wow, so I know for sure that my "Gerd" Acid reflux, heartburn are directly related to me being over excited, stressed or just too tightly wrapped.

[QUOTE=MarkHasLPRD;3404813]I've had reflux problems for years. I first discovered them
after a diet change (started eating lunch and dinner in the
cafeteria at work) but, after diagnosed, it was pretty easy
to manage. I payed closer attention to what I ate, raised
the head of my bed and made sure I didn't eat near bedtime.
Every once in a while I'd eat something I shouldn't have
but all it took to bail me out was a Zantac 75. That was
until last May...

Last May I started getting severe reflux (acid coming up into
my throat, throat swelling, sour post-nasal drip). I couldn't
identify any lifestyle or diet change that would have brought
this on. The gastroenterologist I was seeing thinks it's a
"functional problem" meaning he thinks it's just stress or
depression. I told him I didn't think so and that I thought
it must be something else but I think he's already written it
off as neurological. I'm seeing another gastroenterologist
to get a second opinion in a few weeks. It makes me wonder
though if one could have a neurological problem like this and
not realize it. I don't have a stressful life, but I do have
a somewhat nervous nature.


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