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Hi all,

Has anyone else experienced what feels like pieces of food, especially smaller ones, getting stuck in their throat? I ate some macaroni and cheese last night with small bacon bits in it and it felt like one of the bacon bits had lodged in my throat and wouldn't go down. I could breathe, but it was still kind of scary, because it just felt stuck there. I tried eating something like bread to help push it down and drank lots of liquid. Finally it helped. Today I was eating some of my daughter's left-over raviolis and a piece of hamburger meat got stuck in my throat. This time I was pretty scared. Again, I could breathe, but this time it felt like more of an obstruction. I tried to make myself sick, just to get it to come up out of my throat. I think I frightened my daughter, but it was a heck of a lot better than having her mother pass out or have to call 911. I started drinking water out of a nearby clean wine glass. My daughter asked me why I was drinking out of daddy's wine glass, so I explained to her that it was close by and I needed a drink in a hurry. Needless to say, I didn't finish the raviolois and ate some yogurt instead. I've had trouble before with tortilla chips. I don't recall this problem prior to the acid reflux.

Yes, I have that problem too. My doc just decided yesterday I need to have the fundoplication done. I haven't been able to eat solid food since october. I have had 2 dilations done and tried multiple medications. I have always had problems swallowing pills and have needed to eat afterwards to force them down, but have had few or no problems with anything else until all this started. Because of all of the stress, I have also developed panic attacks, especially when it feels like something gets stuck in my throat or that I might not be able to breathe. It makes me nevous that they are going to do a fundo, because that could tighten something that is already narrow!!! Its a struggle to get through the days for me. I was diagnosed with a weird type of reflux, which I can't even remember the name of, but I think it starts with an "F". Hopefully it fixes my problems. Good luck.

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