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I have a small hiatal hernia, which has caused me mild reflux problems for many years. It was easily controlled with standard precautions (raising head of bed, don't eat before bed, avoid problem foods, etc...). Every once in a while I'd eat something I shouldn't have but all it took was a Zantac 75 to fix things. Back then, all I'd get was some burping and, if I let that go on for too long, a feeling like I had a pill stuck in my throat. That was until last May...

Last May I started getting severe symptoms with no obvious lifestyle or diet change to account for it. I had sour post-nasal drip, hoarse voice and when I cleared my throat I had sour mucus. I started getting a tightness in my throat and eventually had difficulty swallowing due to the swelling. I still have these symptoms though I've gotten better at lessening them. I will be seeing a new gastroentrologist in three weeks. She specializes in reflux and maybe she can tell me why I have these new problems all of a sudden. My previous gastroenterologist wrote it off as stress. Both Omeprazole and Ranitidine didn't seem to help one bit and they actually seemed to make things worse so I stopped taking them.

Most any food on any "bad foods" list causes me problems now, but back when I had my original symptoms I noticed that some foods caused me problems and some didn't. For example, I could eat ice cream and cheese with no problem (I could eat alfredo sauce if it contained only dairy fat), but a few drops of a salad dressing that contained some type of vegetable oil would ruin my evening. Some of the usual suspects such as tomatoes, chocolate, or peppermint caused me minor problems, but it was really the vegetable oils that I had to look out for.


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