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The same meds prescribed for GERD are prescribed for LPR too. I guess all they know to do is try and reduce the amt of acid when the LES doesn't stop it from going the wrong way. I've always been told by ENT spec that complete 24 hr control of acid is needed for LPR so twice a day of Nexium or whatever is needed. I guess it works for some! I also know that there is non acid matter that can reflux and wonder if that's what happens to me? Since I don't feel any burn or acid taste? But, I've had it for so long that it has effected my sense of taste and smell. I DO know it's acid reflux when it comes to my throat and stops. Nasty stuff! I already am supposed to take 40 mg twice a day and I even take some Mylanta at bedtime or a Zantac to try and cover it.
That 20 mg of Prilosec never touched my GERD symptoms or LPR. What are you taking as of now? Maybe you should increase the dosage? Worth a try!


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