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I lurk here a lot because my home is the Heart Board, BUT I have acid reflux and recently developed new pains that I tend to believe is related to it.

When I was first dx I had pain underneath my ribs. It felt like someone stuck a balloon in and blew it up. Eating made this go away fairly well and quickly. NO heartburn at all. That went away, and I developed a cough that would continue until I actually spit up (sorry) hot liguid.STILL no heartburn.

This has been going on for a couple of years.....and now a couple days ago I am having chest pains, back pains, stomach pains and HORRIBLE heartburn. The chest pains worry me the most because I have heart disease. Even though its only been a month or two since I had my check up with my cardio doc.

IS this acid reflux? I have a pain in my left doesnt seem to be feels like it is IN my breast....moves around to my upper isnt constant, it comes and goes in waves. Taking Mylanta helps for a few hours and its right back. Stomach pains and some loose bm and cramping too. WHAT is this? Will it get better? I am spending all my money (no insurance) taking care of my heart....I cant afford another visit to the doctor! I am scared.


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