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Hello all! I have posted on here before with my symptoms and they went away in November but now they are back with avengence! Most of this started while I was pregnant with my son in April of 2006, and all the doctors told me they would subside upon delivery (he is now 18 months old!). I am a 29 yo female, 5'3, 140 lbs., very limited drinker, social smoker, exercise at least once a week.

Anyway here is a list of my symptoms:
*Chest pain (pressure sometimes in the middle, but mostly under left breast)
*Left arm pain (mostly in forearm, sometimes in the bicep area and hand)
*Joint pain left side (fingers and toes)
*Swelling in vein on the left forearm (can actually feel it swell)
*Left-side neck pain (almost feels like it is in my lymph node)
*Left shoulder pain (almost feels at time like a pinched nerve)
*Lip numbness (most commonly occurs in the AM)
*Back pain (mostly left side, opposite heart and lower left hand side
*Leg pain (always the left but varies between calf and quad)
*Stomach pains (sometimes tender to the touch under the sternum)
*Dizziness (on occasion)
*Rapid heart rate (comes and goes...not necess. because of exertion)

Here is a list of tests done beginning April 2006:
*Chest x-ray (at least 5 done, last one July 2007)
*EKG (too many to count, last one July 2007)
*Echo (3 done, last one done July 2007)
*Stress echo treadmill (2 done, last one done July 2007)
*Stress thallium echo (July 2007)
*Tilt-table test (July 2007)
*Ultrasound carotids (2 done, last one done July 2007)
*Ultrasound of abdomen (2 done, last one done July 2007)
*Venous doppler of both legs (September 2006)
*V/Q scan (2 done, last one done August 2007)
*Holter monitor (wore at least 3, last one June 2007)
*Endoscopy (July 2007)
*Gallbladder scan (September 2007)

Here are diagnoses I have received:
*GERD with esophageal erosions (no Barrett's)
*Hiatal hernia (would repair but pointless unless I am finished having kids)
*Gallbladder function only 21% (removed September 2007)
*Vasovagal syncope
*Anxiety (this is one of my favorite diagnosis'...haha)

Medications I was prescribed, but no longer taking:
*50 mg Zoloft (for the anxiety)
*10mg propranolol (for the rapid heart rate)
*625 mg Sodium bicar (for the vasovagal syncope)
*Klonopin min. amount as needed (for anxiety)
*20 mg Protonix (for the GERD)
*81 mg Aspirin

No longer taking any meds because the dr.'s figured all my symptoms were because of my gallbladder being inflammed. Does anyone here have GERD or hiatal symptoms like this? I'm just looking for piece of mind at this point....just hoping it is not my heart! If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated. :confused:

Hi Rachelle,

I posted earlier today about symptoms very much like yours. Mine started with a vengence a couple of days ago....right now my upper left breast is hurting, my back on the upper left side, stomach tender to the touch and sometimes shooting pains under my ribs. I don't know what it is.....but like you I have had some heart test, but once it goes on and on you begin to wonder!

I actually have sharp pains and then periods of no pain at all. I did a lot of activity today with no relief or no signs of it getting worse. I believe that heart pain would get worse with activity....but gee I am beginning to doubt everything I know. The pain in my chest almost feels like a pulled muscle, if not for the back pain.

Anyway, you are not alone. I am going through this too. I am hoping that it will ease up and I can get some relief.

Good Luck to you!

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