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Laurie.. what kind of pain do you have specifically? Is it a tightness or sharp pain? I can certainly relate to how you are feeling tho! Its so frustrating when others can't relate and doctors dismiss your concerns as overreaction. I have had acid reflux since I was 15, 20 now. I have tried many different prescriptions and over the counter meds but the only thing that seems to work is Nexium. It subdues my heartburn quite a bit but I still a nauseous and vomit almost every day. Its not really throwing up food but a spontaneous urge to puke and its always acid. Last night I had really sharp pains that felt like they were under my left breast. I have also had panic attacks before so tightness in the chest is a completely different feeling. What aggrevates your acid reflux most? For me food isn't the issue so much as stress which I can't manage. Maybe you should see a psychiatrist to get on an anti-anxiety medication. Also, sleeping with a lot of pillows pisses me off lol why should i have to sleep sitting up?!?!??? haha GOOD LUCK! : )

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