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Hello all,
i will warn you this is totally long winded, and i hate capitalizing "I" when i'm not at work, lol
i'm just shy of 33 years old, and have seemingly been suffering from most of these symptoms since elementary school. I have had a very stressful life before and since then, and have survived only to realize the impact of such things on my body. Here are the things i am putting together, and help me if you see it leading in the LPR direction...

*Always been overweight once i hit puberty (age 9), doc said it was stress from abuse causing that as well as heart burn and migraines (those started around age 6)
*Could never breathe right (due to many things including but not limited to stress and being quite overweight by highschool) and if i excerted myself or sang a lot i would have to constantly clear my throat to move the liquid from my lungs and still do to this day.
*Docs told my mom i had asthma but i was never actually given tests up until about a month ago which came back saying i had no such thing.
*Was diagnosed with Acid Reflux way back in the early 90s and after two pregnancies it got a lot worse (although the docs blamed the fact that i tipped the scales at over 400# by that point which i know certainly didn't help the matter at all)
*Was on some med that made it better, but the only thing that actually helped was having the Gastric Bypass (RouenY) in 2003. My reflux was gone for the first time ever although the diet completely changed. They left me with a much larger new stomach on account of my severe obesity and nutritional concerns.
*Threw up a lot after the bypass, trying to get used to foods, and amounts thereof and eventually realized if i ate too fast, or didn't chew that food got stuck and it killed me so i had to force myself to throw up and start over again which helped but i feel it probably has just aggitated everything because of the frequency of doing such.
*But after losing the acid backlash for the first time in my life i could run, i could sing and i could feel comfortable in my own skin. My voice honestly never sounded better (i have been classically trained in Opera) and I felt wonderful. (Not to mention i lost 280#)
*over time however my stomach stretched, the opening widened, and the reflux started again. In a matter of only 3 years i started not being able to breathe which i thought was due to allergies from pets and environment but recent tests show i'm not allergic to anything at all. I also thought it was due to me moving from sealevel (all my life) to over 5k feet in the deserts of the south west. but moving back to sealevel (currently Hawaii) hasn't helped very much (although i can do housework now without fainting or seeing spots, lol) but now i've gained back over 70# which is making me miserable all because i just haven't been able to breathe!
*i have been reading the posts here and its amazing to me how many of the things i just have been dealing with as "normal" for me is stuff that everyone is just newly finding hazardous to their happiness. And so much of my health annoyances in my 33 years are actually all linked through this one disorder!
*my ENT thinks it is a combo of a few things including possible collapsed sinuses draining constantly, acid reflux aggitating my lungs and also the rest of my tracts, and some kind of vocal chord disorder. So asthma and allergies are ruled out, i just had a CT scan of my sinuses to see if that's it (which might be since i always have seemed to suffer from at least one side of my nose to be blocked and interminable post nasal drip/sore throats/swollen glands/gag reflexes/swallowing problems) and i am going for a battery of tests but i don't think anyone has even really thought of LPR...
*and one other thing, that whole esophogeal spasm thing, if it is what i am experiencing it feels to me like my heart skips a beat really hard and then is falling down a flight of stairs for about a minute and then goes away and is all random and never seemingly triggered by the same thing twice... although my tests ruled out heart issues it could just be random palpatations, i dunno...
all i know is that i wish i could get the gastric bypass over again because honestly it was the only thing that EVER made me feel better... of course, making the stomach tiny gets rid of all the acid, so understandibly the issues would cease too, at least for a little while...
what really makes me sad however is that my two children (10 & 11) are starting to suffer from heart burn and breathing issues (and they're fit and healthy otherwise) so i'm desparate to figure all this out before it makes their lives worse too...
sorry for how long this is... i'm sure it's a novel... and if you made it this far you get a hug!! :)

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