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Chest pain
Mar 16, 2008
Note: I am 21 years old in good shape. The pain started immediately after I smoked using the method I have stated in the following.

Alright, well about a month ago I smoked some marijuana which I believe to be laced with cocaine. I smoked the marijuana in a manner that I normally don't smoke, which was very fast - waiting just a few seconds between hits. I believe that it was laced with something because the odor smelled different (pretty bad) after it was smoked. I have had chest pain since that day. I have gone to the hospital (emergency room about 1 week after this happened) and my family doctor... I can play basketball with no problems. The hospital took blood tests and said that they thought it was musculoskeletal because a enzyme reading was higher than normal (may of not been an enzyme reading... but they said one reading was high so it was probably the reading which had to do with muscular problems). My family doctor thought I had symptoms of GERD/Acid reflux and gave me some A/R pills. They seemed to alleviate my pain the first day, but it has come back (probably due to alcohol consumption). I am wondering if it is possible that from smoking marijuana in this manner (quite fast) is there a chance I caused a muscle spasm within my body. Also, what are some side effects of smoking marijuana laced specifically with cocaine. I do not mean side effects of marijuana, but I am not sure if this pot was actually laced or not so if there is such things as muscle spasms or a hiatal hernia from smoking marijuana quickly, or any other combustion product I would be interested to hear them. The pain is on the left side of my chest near my heart - I have gotten an ECG, blood tests, etc. and they say nothing is wrong with me. The pain is mild but constant. Sometimes below the breastbone/sternum area is sensitive to the touch (I have to push in to feel a mild amount of pain). Also, sometimes the pain radiates from the left side of my chest to the right side. The pain seems to not be there for the first few minutes I wake up but when I start to move the fullness sensation comes back. It is not sharp or anything, it just feels full.

I may be rambling in this post, but essentially my questions are:

1. What are the possible side effects of smoking marijuana laced with cocaine
2. Are there possibilities of muscle spams/hiatal hernias/etc happening when you smoke marijuana/any other combustion product very quickly (a hit every 5 or so seconds)
3. Has anyone ever felt this fullness sensation in their chest around the bottom/side of their left breastbone (the side toward the middle of your chest)? Is that common with GERD/Acid Reflux?

Help me please. If there are any questions I will check back and answer them. I understand that smoking causes cancer. I do not smoke regularly. I am speaking of other problems besides cancer. Thanks (I am desperate for answers so I copied a post that I made in general health care in here as well)

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