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I'm no expert on stomach/gastro issues having never suffered before so I could do with some help if poss?

I've been prescribed 300mg Ranitidine and am taking 150mg in the morning and 150mg at night. I have been for the last couple of days but does anyone know how long it normally takes for it to get into my system and start making me feel better?

My GP thinks I have gall stones but my only symptoms are a constant "knot, churning" in my upper abdoman, and also a stabbing pain on my upper left side which is painful and uncomfortable but quite infrequent? I also get quite a lot of chest pain, which is mainly centralised, sometimes to the left, which he thinks may be deferred pain from the gallstones or an ulcer?

Should I be feeling any better after 2 days of taking them or do they take longer?

Thanks guys

Lou xxx

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