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Hi all,

I have been on a rollercoaster of symptoms, yesterday got a book from the library on acid reflux and finally all the things that I've been dealing with were there in black in white.

I have burning in my throat and chest, bad taste in my mouth, bad bad breath, the feeling that something is in my throat all the time or coming up, and on bad days really bad ear pain. I have been to doctor after doctor and each one referred me to another doctor, I've seen about 10-15.

Here's the story: A year ago I got sick with the above symptoms. I saw my internist and she felt I had acid reflux, she referred me to a gastro. The gastro examined my throat and said "yes" I certainly had acid reflux, my throat was so raw and inflammed he scheduled a endoscopy right away. I had the endo done and he found a hiatal hernia and H.pylori. I was placed on a Prevpac and he told me after this killed the bacteria I would no longer experience the gastritis and acid reflux-wishful thinking. That was Sept. 06. I took the Prevpac but I didn't feel any better afterwards also the acid reflux didn't go away. I was certain I still had H. pylori. My doctor had me do a stool sample and a urea breath test and it came back negative for H.pylori. (Also I'd like to mention we did blood work and my blood work showed high cholesterol, which also was a sign of H/pylori)

I have suffered for another year now and I am still pretty sick. I am currently taking two PPI's daily, zantac throughout the day and carafate to help heal my throat, nothing works. I haven't had any soda, caffeine, or alcohol in over a year. I don't eat large meals, I eat dinner at 5pm to ensure I don't lie down with a full stomah, I sleep on a wedge pillow, but still I have acid reflux and gastritis constantly.

I am 28 years old, 130 pounds and 5'6". I am athletic or I was before I got sick now I don't work my abs or bend over to exercise because I am worried about food the acid or lump feeling in my throat. So I'd say semi athletic-at least the waist up.:confused:

I had an EGD done in Sept. 2007 and my doctor found I had esophagitis really bad, so bad see thought I was getting Barrett's esophagus so she took a biopsy and tested it for that and H.pylori again both were negative.

I am unsure if I still have H.Pylori or whether I just have acid reflux but the acid reflux theory seems as if things would be better with my taking two PPI's a day and zantac throughout the day.

Does anyone else have any theories? I have an appointment tomorrow, I haven't seen a gastro since Sept. 2007, I was so frustrated that my doctors couldn't help me.

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