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Chalupa, :)

I am so sorry you've had to live with it for two years now. Not being able to breathe is my number one fear. As anyone who's had these types of problems knows, it worsens the quality of life to such an extent one hardly has any life at all.
I am able to function normally if I don't exert myself too much. I slow down as soon as I start feeling short of breath to avoid pain in the lungs and further problems. I noticed recently that sometimes it hurts to draw a breath. I usually take deep breaths in order to get enough air in.
I wish I had an advice to give that could prove useful. I don't think I did anything on my part to get better. I got off a high dose of an alpha/beta blocker, believing this medication to be the main reason for my breathing problems. Things got better for a couple of weeks and then returned to ""normal" - meaning the same old breathing problems. I started seeing an improvement in my breathing after my doctor put me on Nexium. This was given because of my nausea, in hopes that it might help. I had no other symptoms of a stomach problem. As a result, my breathing got slowly better (which could have been a coincidence), and the GERD symptoms started to appear. Then the LPR symptoms. My breathing has remained improved (thank goodness!). I have no explanation for this.
I have researched the causes of shortness of breath. There are so many! Since you've had many tests, most of the obvious can be excluded. Look toward the less known ones. I don't know the reason for my problems and am still looking into this issue. I learned some things I didn't know - about the vocal cords causing SOB, for instance, or a kidney failure or certain kidney diseases causing breathing problems. Like you, I am still looking. I think I mentioned previously that nothing scares me more than the thought of the SOB coming back. My main reason for looking for answers.

Stomach problems - GERD and a hiatal hernia - cause breathing problems for many people. There's a certain type of asthma that is attributed to GERD. Of course, lung conditions and diseases cause the SOB also. Medications can affect our breathing. There are many other possibilities. If I find anything that relates to this and stomach problems, I will post it.

I hope you will find some relief, Chalupa. :angel:
take care,


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