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Laboured Breathing
May 17, 2008
Hi All

Just thought I'd post my history on here, see If anything can help you to help me with my acid/breathing problems.

First off here's a history of all medical problems I have had, maybe earlier things in life maybe linked with any of the acid symptoms I have now. I am now 36yrs old.

AGED: 16 Glandular Fever
24 Slipped L5/S1 DISC
25 Muscular lump in left shoulder (Had radioscan and doc said it was just tight tissue)

I have suffered with acid reflux for around 9 yrs, Have been taking Rennies up to 8 a day and i am fed up with eating chalk!

My problem now is any walking or anything physical leaves me gasping for air. Tried to cut the grass last week and only completed about 3 sq yrds and was left panting and heart pounding for about 5 mins. I work in IT and I dread carrying pcs up stairs or even just walking up stairs as I am left so out of breath. Becomes embarrassing when working with colleagues.

Other symptoms i get when out of breath are pounding throbbing pain in jaw and throat, tingling in arms and legs. Also i have a constant tight chest and feel like I never blow out enough air. If I'm relaxed at home my breating is most of the time very shallow (like i breath only half a breath in). I suffer with numbness of both legs and pains in the mid back but i believe that is due to my slipped disc, although when I am panting for breath my backpain becomes very painful and i get the numbness run down both legs for a few seconds.

I have had xray and lung function test which came back normal apart from the doc saying my xray showed hyperinflated lungs. Gave me asthma inhalers which dont seem to fix the breathing problem.

Spoke to the doc about my acid reflux, she has now perscribed me with omeprazole 20mg, (has this medication helped anyone with the breathing problem?)

Reason I am posting today is that i have suffered with a flutter in my throat which last about 1 second and when this happens i feel light headed and have that rollercoaster feeling when we drop to quick.

I have a great wife and son and feel like I'm not contributing enough to playtime with my boy due to the breathing problem.

Wish everyone the best, and any info would be much appreciated.

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