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Hi Dizzy. I'd suggest to read all my posts (you can do so by clicking on my username and clicking on "find more posts"). I am 32 and I have had LPR for about fifteen years with the exact manifestation as your wife, which is constant throat clearing. However, I did not know it was LPR until this year. Part of the reason is that I had a serious battery of tests in the late 1990s, when I was in college, and that was before LPR was being diagnosed, so I had given up that route in trying to figure out my throat clearing. It was then misdiagnosed as allergies and other things. Your wife should immediately go to the ENT and tell them she suspects LPR. General doctors often have never heard of LPR, but ENTs (unless they're incompetent I guess) would know exactly how to look for it. She should not self-medicate, at least not yet, let her get looked at first.

No, tonsils have nothing to do with it. I had my tonsils out when I was five years old. PPIs, twice daily, are the normal treatment. However, see my recent post on studies showing PPIs do not particularly help LPR. I also explain in that thread what I personally have found to help--and that what you eat is very difficult to pinpoint with the symptoms. Yes, it is directly connected to eating, but all food causes acid production in the stomach and, while some food may cause more than others, my theory/experience has been the throat is so sensitive to any acid, that diet adjustments will make only incremental differences. It does seem to help to eat in smaller quantities and not stuff yourself. The exercising is an aggravating activity, depending on what it is, because posture of the body is a big part of what allows the acid into the throat. That doesn't mean not to exercise because that's important for health generally and reflux specifically. However, she can immediately do a few things: make sure to never lie down within three hours after eating, whether during the day or at night... get a "wedge pillow" from the internet or at a store like Bed Bath and Beyond and try sleeping on it on an incline (piling up pillows will not to the trick)... try chewing gum with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) for at least an hour after eating anything (the two gums widely available that I have found with sb in it are Orbit White, not Orbit regular, and Eco Dent Between, which you can find in the dental section of Whole Foods and possibly at other natural food stores).

LPR is an internal problem with how the stomach interacts with the esophagus. That's why lying down affects it (because gravity helps keep the acid in the stomach, and lying down invites the acid to move right into the throat). Cooler climates shouldn't have anything to do with it, unless it changes your wife's behavior in terms of how often she's lying down, exercising, or when she's eating.

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