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Has anyone else experienced a burning tongue with Acid Reflux?
Biya :(
Yes most definately!! I have this very thing right now. My acid reflux has been so bad the past few days, my throat is sore and swollen, and it hurts to eat food, and now my tongue is sore with little bumps like canker sores from the acid. You may be feeling that too. I hope you aren't in bad pain. The prilosec is starting to work now after 3 days. Good luck!
Yes, this happens to me a lot. My whole tongue feels sore, and I get bumps that feel like canker sores. I also get a lot of canker sores elsewhere in my mouth. It seems to go in cycles - it will be bad for 7-10 days, and then I'll get a break for a few weeks.
Somebody mentioned this to me earlier in a post, when your tongue burns use baking soda for toothpaste for awhile, it will go away in a few day. Make sure you swich it around in your mouth. This will also prevent your teeth from bothering you.
Yes I get that periodically - burning tongue and sore mouth. Its awful as I cant enjoy a cuppa tea when its bad :(
I've had this too and was chalking it up to menopause. Menopause gets the blame for everything after the acid reflux. LOL.


I found a message you posted in 2005 about a burning tongue and throat.

"HELP! My tongue burns day and night. I cannot fall asleep because of it. I also have a burning throat.When I take a breath it is like I am breathing over hot coals."

Did you ever find a cure for this?? Do you still have it??

I feel totally lost. Not my family, friends, or doctors have heard of this. I've had a burning throat constantly day and night for the last 3 months. And it's driving me INSANE!! Sometimes even my lips do. Here's what I've tried.

Acid Reducers: Nexium, Protonix
Diet: Alkaline diet, no beer or wine
Endoscopy: clear
I even went as far as having my silver fillings replaced with white by my dentist, thinking it might be the silver or mercury in fillings that was causing the burning.

No help from anything. I'm being led to believe that this may not be an acid problem as many are staking it to be. I've never had heartburn in my life, and the burning is in my throat and mouth, not esophagus. Also, i'm a lover of spicy foods, and i've noticed that they do not make the situation worse. If anything its better because of the capsisum in pepper seeds, and I'm temporarily relieved of the constant burn.

I've been researching online however and found something that may be related to it. Have you researched BRUXISM yet? I read articles suggesting that the clenching or grinding of teeth can cause nerve damage in the face, mouth, throat, and even ear.

I stopped to think about it. Later that day i found my self in a stressful situation and realized that I was clenching my teeth. I then started to wonder how often I did this. That's when I noticed that i did it so much, i didn't even know i was doing it. And it's not a grinding, but a simple pressing of the teeth against eachother.

Today is my first day to attempt to not bite down, or clench my teeth, and it's VERY hard not to. I find myself reading something or listening to someone, and there go the teeth.


I figure since i've tried everything else, breaking this habbit is my last resort. If anything, it couldn't hurt.
RL, I know how you feel. I have had a chronic sore throat, night and day, for over six months now. The ENT I saw said it is due to a stomach issue, specifically acid. Then I went to see a GI and had some testing done -- endoscopy, manometry, 24 hr pH test -- and he said these were all normal and he could see now evidence of acid reflux. It's funny that you mentioned bruxism. About a year and a half ago I noticed some staining on my lower teeth, at the gum line. I asked my dentist what this was and he said "from grinding your teeth. You have worn the enamel away and now foods can easily stain in that area." It was about 8 months later that the chronic sore throat started. I have been wearing a night guard for the bruxism but still have the sore throat. I feel like no one can pinpoint the cause. Now I wonder if the sore throat and grinding are related?? I have had episodes of heartburn in the past so I thought it was most likely related to that. Having this constant sore throat is awful though. It really brings me down and I can't enjoy everything to the fullest like I used to do. I'm going to ask my dentist about the possible connection when I see him next month, and will also go back to my ENT too. I find it hard to live with on a daily basis. I have been on PPIs, like Prilosec and Nexium, but I find it makes little difference whether I take no pills, or 1, or 2, or even 3 per day.
How can so many people have this? Or are there a lot of us??? The condition is obviously tolerable. To the point to do active things and get through the day. Or else I suppose people wouldn't be having the symptoms for months on end. However it does ruin a quality of life. I find myself short tempered with people, and in situations. I close my eyes and try to remember life before I felt a constant burn in my throat. And what I would do to be there again. How thankful I would be. I can only hope to get to the other side of this.

Sometimes the only relief I get is by having a few drinks and passing out. But that isn't me and it's not a solution. A few months of that gets tiring and now im searching for a real answer.

I doubt half of the people with these symptoms are suffering from acid reflux. You Kassie, you just said your tests came out normal, but yet your doctor is telling you its acid?? that doesn't sound right.

My doctor told me the same thing. Nothing showed in my endoscopy, but yet he put me on Nexium... ??? WHY?? And with no help from the drugs, I doubt that was the problem. Even people with severe acid reflux don't have symptoms that are CONSTANT and lasting for MONTHS on end.

The fact you have a teeth grinding issue leads me to believe that may not only be the cause of your symptoms, but mine as well. As well as many others out there. People who grind in their sleep don't know it, and those of us who clench or bite down during the day don't notice we do it because it's as natural as tapping your feet or twirling your hair.

I think I will consult my dentist as well. Then beyond that, research treatment for facial and respitory nerve damage. And keep my teeth away from each other!!
[QUOTE=Biyak123;3598638]Has anyone else experienced a burning tongue with Acid Reflux?
Biya :([/QUOTE]

Yesterday I purchase a product callled Biotene suggested by my pharmacist.
It worked quickly to resolve the burning tongue that accompanied my acid reflex. I strongly suggest that you try this product.

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