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I am new to the board as well.

When it happens you feel as if you’re the only one that has all these peculiar and unusual symptoms. Worrying about them makes matter worse.

I had loads of aches and pains - mostly on the left but also on the right referring between the shoulder blades .. some would last a very long time. The feeling you cannot get rid of the wind and your static inside. You think that you have something terminal!

Firstly .. get thoroughly checked out. I have had tests and I do know that I have some erosion of the esophagus which is caused by acid reflux and I have had a few liver problems in the past.

Mostly, when it gets bad, you have a burning sensation / pain at the top of your neck / throat / windpipe and the base of your tongue (at the back) gets sore. Out of the blue you can be sitting down and you have the feeling your air is being restricted .. not panting for breath but breathless (this makes you panicky). You even get a burning sensation inside the ears and they get sort of itchy.

When it gets bad I have to take Omeprazole 20mg x 2 (under prescription here) and I have had 40mg x 2 a day but that doesn’t agree with me (my eyesight goes funny etc) but changing what I eat helps a great deal.

Mostly I go for rice, fish and some vegetables and bananas. It depends what you can tolerate. Example ..breakfast - Organic Puffed Rice Cereal with skimmed (very low fat milk) and a bit of natural / pure honey. Dink some water and if you can tolerate it some tea,

Lunch – boiled / steamed rice with some fish ( over here you can get a small portion of boil in the bag fish) and some vegetables .. avoid broccoli spinach cauliflower tomatoes and onions.

Leave and hour and have some fruit .. like a banana

Then a small sandwich - very very low fat spread - spread thinly with some breast chicken and salad. Something to drink .. I tolerate Cranberry juice.

Make sure you don’t eat three hours before going to bed and prop up the end of your mattress bed (I put some pillows under the mattress at the top).

Drink small sips of water during the day and try to ensure your getting at least 3 pints.

This is what I call my emergency measures. If it gets painful I take Paracetomol.

This is what I do and it may be different for other folks. The idea is to drink water .. have plain foods in small quantities .. little but often. I like honey and a spoonful seems to help as well.

I do think anxiety and depression play a big part in making things bad .. it really does help to talk to folk with similar problems.

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